Solar Time-Of-Use Tariffs

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Urgent Notice for Solar Customers SDG&E has been sending out emails to all customers offering time-of-use tariff information. I’ll start with the most important piece of information: If your solar array was operational on or before June 29, 2016, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT enroll in a time-of-use tariff. Systems installed prior to this […]

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Thin-Film: Better Looking Solar

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The major advantages of solar are pretty obvious… Save energy, save money, save the planet. So, what could possibly prevent a homeowner from making the upgrade? Money comes to mind. Even though it saves in the long run, it’s understandable that the initial investment of roofing, panels, and system installation that goes into switching to […]

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ALIVE Solar Now Does Tesla Powerwall Installations in San Diego!

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Introducing The Tesla Powerwall 2 Learn More / Buy Tesla has become a household name for it’s electric vehicles. Tesla has done an incredible job of publicizing and scaling technologies. This has allowed them to develop a 13.5 kilowatt hour home battery at about one third the cost of previously available Lithium-based batteries. With available […]

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The Real Cost of Solar in San Diego

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You’ve heard all the hype surrounding solar; you’ve probably heard of the substantial benefits and have already resolved that it’s the best choice for powering your home. But the real question that’s nagging at you isn’t “is solar better?”—the question is “what is it going to cost me and is it worth it?” There are […]

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