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Commercial Solar Panels in San Diego

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Installing Commercial Solar Panels in San Diego

At ALIVE Solar, we’ve been exclusively installing Stion CIGS Thin-Film PV panels since 2013. Their superior technology and aesthetics make them the perfect solution for commercial solar panes in San Diego installations. They produce on average 10% more kilowatt hours per square foot installed than typical crystalline silicone PV. Their electrical characteristics cause them to start working earlier in the day and later into the evening and because they don’t require direct sunlight, they operate efficiently even under shade or cloud cover and less-than-ideal tilts and angles. These US-made panels are already well below $1/watt.

The thin film panels have hundreds less possible points of failure as compared to crystalline PV, FAR lower temperature coefficients (about half of crystalline PV — so they’ll produce more power on hot days when the most light is available), and lower BOS costs because peak amperages are so much lower. And, they integrate with standard inverters, and are available TODAY.


Financing Commercial Solar Panels in San Diego

Options Include

  • Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Financing
  • Multiple programs available, created through State legislation
  • Loan terms up to 20 years
  • Off-balance sheet loan
  • Loan is against the property, not the company, and is not credit-based
  • Lien could be transferable upon sale of property
  • Immediate realization of savings due to improvements
  • Customer owns the project (for incentive purposes)
  • Payments are made through additional assessment on regular property tax bill
    up to 20% of property value
  • Minimum $5,000 loan

All PACE programs require property be current on its property taxes, free of title disputes, and clear of any involuntary liens or judgments.

  • Energy Services Agreement or Power Purchase Agreements
  • Particularly useful for non-profit organizations, or companies who can’t take advantage of the investment tax credit for solar
  • Varying terms available to suit the organizations financial goals
  • Elimination of up-front costs associated with solar
  • Immediate realization of solar savings

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