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stion.brandStion Module Advantages

• CIGS thin-film modules work better under indirect light conditions, as compared to traditional crystalline silicone-based (c-si) modules.

• Operation starts earlier in the morning, & continues later into evening.

• More kilowatt hour production at less-than-optimal angles or tilts

Stion-Solar-Panel• Lower temperature coefficient means more production under hot conditions, when more sunlight is typically available.

• Monolithic design (one piece) means thousands less possible points of failure per panel.

• 8% to 20% more kilowatt hour output than traditional c-si panels (based on nameplate system wattage)

• Unmatched aesthetics, made in USA, simpler processes result in lower cost

• No detectible output degradation over time, and superior performance in shaded or soiled conditions

• Warranties: 10-year workmanship, 25-year 80% performance guarantee.

• Virtually no operations costs or required maintenance.

• Stion panels look better, perform better, and last longer.

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