Energy efficiency is the most significant trend in this century. Home and office building materials and designs are increasingly getting tuned towards this purpose. Nowadays, there are solar roofs that combine shingles and photovoltaic cells on one item. But going that road could mean that you have to overhaul your entire roof structure. Installing solar power panels delivers all the advantages of energy efficiency without busting your budget.

The benefits of installing solar panels

1. Green energy and money back!

The incredible advantage of solar panels is that they can eliminate your energy bills in totality. That’s especially true if you live in a sunny state. You will have enough power to heat your water, light up all your rooms, and even cool your house. And when the weather gets warmer, and you generate more electricity than you can use, you can sell the excess to the grid.

2. Your energy is guaranteed even in cloudy or winter weather.

If you are a little worried about going without power in colder temperatures, don’t be. Solar power panels don’t stop working when it is cloudy because indirect and diffused sunlight will still get to them, and that will be converted into electricity for your house. And the way the photovoltaic cells are designed will enable the equipment to produce even more power when the temperature around is colder.

3. Money keeps coming, this time from the taxman

Perhaps in discussions like this, people forget to mention how the tax rebates and credits from solar panels can significantly improve your finances. For a start, you get 30 % off from your total installation costs-this is a federal income tax credit that you can take advantage of when you file your taxes next year. That means that for a solar system that costs $20,000 to install in your home, your tax savings will be $6000. That’s a pretty penny!

But it doesn’t stop there.

There are further state and local credits that you qualify for when you install solar panels in your home. You can sell your yearly Solar Renewable Energy Credits and accelerate your way to better finances.

4. Improve the home value of your home

The trend for green energy is not being driven by machines, AI, or something like that. No, it’s the people. People are demanding more opportunities for saving on their energy bills. They are seeking more opportunities to live sustainably and protect the environment. These same people, statistics show will pay more for a house that is fitted with solar panels and other energy efficiency fixtures. This study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory shows that homes with solar panels sell for 17 % more money and 20 % faster.

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