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Join the Solar Revolution and take charge of your power. No longer do Energy companies have all the control.

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The highest quality craftsmanship & service in roof construction, replacement, repair, maintenance, waterproofing, & more!

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The Tesla Powerwall is the perfect energy storage solution to compliment to your solar panel system.

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Why Alive Solar?

At Alive Solar, we pride ourselves on the fact that everything is done in-house. We don’t just quote solar installation services and then outsource the work to a different company like the majority of our competitors. We have the expertise and experience to execute the entire job. From the moment our team is notified, our customers can rest assured they are receiving the most competitive quotes and will receive only the best services related to installation and solar panel equipment.

Since 2010 Alive Solar has been raising the bar in the Solar industry. But don’t take our word for it. Check us out on yelp and you will see that we have a five star rating. Alive Solar is also proud to be a member of the most reputable business networking group in the U.S. and around the world today. As a Critical member of the local Escondido BNI Chapter, our business practice is constantly held at a high standard for ethics, quality and customer satisfaction. Like any good service, the proof is in the details.

Once you do your research, we are confident you will conclude that Alive Solar is the right company for trusting your solar installation project to.

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