Every new home in the state of California will now require a solar panel as a feature. After the Building Standards Commission took the last step and approved the rule, the state became the first in the nation with a law of this kind. This housing rule ensures California solar panels are a required upgrade and designed to better protect our environment. With this new law, knowing how and why you should have solar panels installed is important.

New California Solar Panels Standards

By setting a target of using a hundred percent renewable energy in the state, California is trying to become more environmentally friendly. This new rule applies to single and multi-family homes as well as apartments more than three stories high. As analytics and statistics show, new homes that incorporate the solar power standard will utilize less energy (up to 53%). If you are wondering about how you will afford solar power installation as a new or existing homeowner, there are several options to pick from. To begin with, you can either pay for the panels outright, sign a purchase contract with your developer, or lease the panels. Since weather conditions are becoming more adverse, the necessity for better functioning, resilient, and reliable energy is on the rise. California solar panels have the benefit of increasing your home’s value and also lower utility bills. The new standards will help decrease emissions and the use of limited energy resources, which is vital given the impacts of climate change and global warming. Even though solar panels cost a decent amount of money upfront, its advantages are clear. The state’s Energy Commission Executive Director, Drew Bohan, made an assurance that the new regulations will save homeowners nineteen thousand dollars, or even more over time!

Why should you add solar panels to your current home?

If you are looking for greener or more efficient source of energy, or saving money, solar panels can be installed on almost any home. When done professionally, the results are magnificent and long lasting. Maintaining and upgrading your dwelling place is a sure and swift way to boost its worth and quality. You will enjoy steady and reliable power without stressing over additional utility bills. California solar panels are applicable in every home and can be deployed in any area. You can take advantage of the energy production peak hours (during the day) and accomplish tasks that use a lot of power. The higher the energy produced, the more your home runs independently and at a lesser cost.

Why should you choose a professional for your solar panel needs?

At ALIVE Solar & Roofing, we put our clients first and carry out every project proessionally. Our transparent and well-trained team is always ready to help increase your home’s value with the installation of solar panels. With our years of experience, installing and repairing solar panels has become our specialty. Whether it is a new or current home, we handle every project seriously and provide lasting results. Contact us anytime for excellent solar power and roofing services.

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