With green energy trending in the US right now, many people want to reduce their carbon footprint on the earth while saving money in the process. If you are one of the many people wondering whether or not to use solar energy in your home, you should take a look at this potential opportunity.

Not only does generating solar power for your home help the environment, but it also lets you take charge of your home power and that pricy, monthly energy bill.

Another advantage is that if you generate excess solar power, you can export the rest to the grid for credit or money.

Interested in switching to solar? Generating inexpensive and green electricity using solar roofs from ALIVE Solar & Roofing Company.

There are some important components needed in collecting and storing power. Here are some of the items you will need:

1. Solar panels – To capture the sunlight and generate electricity. Your power needs will determine the size and/or the amount of the solar panels to use.

2. Inverter – The solar energy from the panels is DC, and most home appliances operate on AC. The inverter does the conversion and sends the electricity to the home’s electrical panel.

3. An electricity meter to measure the power you’ve generated

4. Power storage units – you can make use of batteries or any other electricity storage unit to compliment your solar panels. These units will be charged by the solar-generated electricity during the day to serve as backups when sun energy gets unreliable or at night.

5. Controller – Watch out not to overcharge or discharge your power storage units completely. That’s why you need a controller to keep your batteries protected.

Now all of this may sound complicated and expensive, however we can help you with your specific needs and create the right solar system for your home.

Why Choose ALIVE Solar & Roofing for Your Needs?

Founded in January 2010 as a developer of utility-scale solar and energy storage solutions, ALIVE is a privately held company – there are no outside investors. ALIVE uses only the highest-quality equipment. Whenever possible, ALIVE uses only U.S.-made equipment from U.S.-owned (and mostly privately held) companies. A small, agile, and experienced team of designers and installers perform at the highest level, with the support of a powerful network of suppliers, manufacturers, and engineers.

Due to its structure, ownership, and orientation, ALIVE’S overhead expenses are low (no warehousing, vehicle fleets, or traditional advertising). The focus of ALIVE Industries is on extreme quality and value rather than extreme growth or profit.

Call or contact us today for the finest technology and service available in solar, wind, and energy storage.

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