If you have a house with a decent-sized roof then you may not know that your roof can save you a lot of money. You can easily save thousands of dollars each year by getting solar panels put on your roof, and you can help save the environment in the process. Here are a few reasons to consider getting a solar roof installed at your house.

Lower Your Power Bill

With power bills going up all the time and more power-dependent devices in the average home than ever the size of your bill can often come as a rude surprise. You might think that you have your budget under control and then your bill comes in and turns out to be more than you expect. Fortunately, you have a free resource that you can tap for power that is currently going to waste.

The average suburban roof receives more than enough sunlight to power the average home via solar energy. That sunshine heating your roof and adding to your cooling bills is basically money going to waste. You can easily turn that free energy into electricity which can power your home and give you independence from grid power.

Make Money from Your Solar Panels

If you manage to generate enough excess energy from your solar panels then many power providers will actually pay you to feed that excess power back into the grid. This saves them from generating that power themselves and helps provide a buffer on hot sunny days when everyone is using their air conditioners and the grid is strained to capacity. These are also the days when your solar power generation will be at its peak and you will have power to spare.

To find out more talk to your power company and see what they offer in this regard. Not all power providers will offer to pay you for excess power, but the better ones should. Also, talk to a local solar roofing provider such as ALIVE Solar & Roofing for more information about the hardware and other considerations required to feed power from your solar panels back to the grid.

Reduce Your Dependency on the Power Grid

Power outages can happen at any time. A transformer might blow or a branch might hit a power line and suddenly your power is out. In extreme cases, the power supply may even become dangerously unstable and might damage electronic devices such as your computer.

Scheduled power outages are often not much better. Many power companies will happily cut the power without warning to do planned maintenance, leaving you wondering what you are paying them for. This can be extremely frustrating as these outages can last for the better part of a working day.

If your solar panel system is set up with a Tesla Power Wall or similar battery storage system then power outages from the grid are a problem for other people. Your power will still keep flowing while your battery system has charge in it and the power will likely be back on well before it runs low. This means that you won’t be interrupted in anything that you are doing that requires a working power supply, including earning a livelihood from a home office or other home-based business.

Help the Environment

While electricity on the power grid can come from a variety of sources including solar, much of it is generated by burning fossil fuels. This releases greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide which trap heat from the sun. The result is that the global temperature increases resulting in environmental catastrophes such as Australian wildfires and more frequent and violent hurricanes and other extreme weather events.

By tapping into the free solar energy hitting your roof all day long you help reduce the amount of environment destroying fossil fuel that gets used to fuel the power grid. Future generations, which may include your children and grandchildren, will thank you for doing your part to reduce the negative environmental impact of fossil fuels.

If you want to turn some of that free solar energy shining down on your roof into power bill savings and money then you should talk to ALIVE Solar & Roofing about getting your roof equipped with solar panels. Every day that you delay is a day when your money is going to waste in the form of unnecessarily high power bills. A solar roof is better for you, better for your wallet, better for the environment, and better for your children’s future. So call and start your path to a solar-powered home today.


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