Solar panels are getting more popular now than before. It’s because having the ability to use solar power is more energy-efficient and it’s free. Just have some solar panels and you can enjoy free electricity to power up your home.

There are some points to consider when purchasing solar panels. It will serve as your guide to ensure that you can find the best solar panels. That way, you will get high-quality and affordable solar panels that you can use for a long time

Points to Consider When Purchasing Solar Panels

1. Solar Panel Size

Before purchasing, you have to choose which solar panels will be more suitable for your needs. It must fit your roof perfectly so that you can make sure that it can light up the entire house during the nighttime.

You will need to position the solar panels in an excellent direction. It will absorb enough solar energy that can provide power to power up the entire home. The solar panel size matters and finding a suitable one will be a good investment.

2. How Much Power You Likely Need

Considering how much power you will need to power up the entire house is also essential when purchasing solar panels. On average, 28 to 34 solar panels will be enough to offset your electricity bill. The average household normally consumes 10,400 kW annually.

Therefore the number of solar panels should be higher if you have a bigger house. It can also vary depending on the roof size. By having the right size and number of solar panels, you will no longer have to worry about paying your electricity bill.

3. Where Should They Be Placed

Solar panels should be placed from the roof to ensure that it will be exposed to the sun. Remember that the sun rises from the East. It will set from the West so the best direction of the solar panels will be facing the South. South-facing solar panels will be the ideal direction from the roof. That will provide you better results when charging them so that it can provide enough power.

4. How Long Do the Panels Last

Solar panels can last for a very long time. Generally, you can expect it to be in excellent condition from 25-30 years. But you can still use them after these periods. Though it will not be as efficient as before. Considering these lengths of time, solar panels are an excellent investment. Not only will it power up your home but it can also save you a lot of money for decades.

Why You Should Use ALIVE Solar & Roofing for Your Solar Panel Needs

For your solar panel needs, it’s best to go for ALIVE Solar. We can provide you useful information that you need about solar panels. This means that we can do the estimate, inform you about what’s suitable for your home, and also carry on with the entire installation. We have many experts available to get the job done and ensure that you will have your solar panels installed in no time.

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