If your power bill is getting out of control then you may have considered having a solar energy system installed to cut down on your costs. Solar panels are a great choice if you want to tap some of that free energy from the sun and help save the environment in the process. With that in mind, here are some answers to common questions that you may have about getting a solar panel array installed on your roof.

Is there anything I should do before getting the panels installed?

Before getting solar roof panels installed it’s a good idea to get a roofing professional to look your roof over and repair any issues with it. You may have broken roof tiles, loose corrugated steel roofing, or other problems that should be fixed first. If the roof is in a poor state overall then it may be worthwhile getting it replaced before the solar panels are installed, as doing the repair work afterward will require the panels to be removed first.

If you have nearby trees with branches that overhang the area the panels will be installed in then you should get them trimmed back or removed. The tree branches will block sunlight and inhibit the effectiveness of the solar panels as a result, and falling branches may potentially damage the panels.

How long do solar panels on roofs last for?

Current generation solar panels have warranties of around twenty-five years with newer panels having warranties of up to fifty years. The panels themselves are likely to last far longer than their warranty period. As a result, solar panels tend to be an investment that will add long-term value to your property.

Since the panels have no moving parts there is not much to maintain on them. You may encounter the need to replace some of the electrical components at some point, though these components are also designed for long-term use.

Is it possible for me to install the solar roof panels myself?

If you have the right expertise and professional accreditation needed for the installation, then you can do the work yourself. You’ll need roofing construction skills and any needed licensing that may be required in your area to do construction work on a roof. You’ll also need to be a registered electrician with the proper experience for solar installations. You will also need to obtain all the required permits for the installation work.

In most cases you are better off getting the work done by experienced professionals as a botched job may result in a variety of issues. You may also have problems with your household insurance if the work is not done to a professional standard.

Can solar panels damage my roof?

Not unless they are incompetently installed. You should have no problems if you hire a professional solar installation company to install the panels, and the panels themselves will act as a barrier to help protect your roof from the wind and weather. Solar panels on roofs will also block the summer sun from heating your roof, which should cut down on your summer cooling energy bills.

If you want your solar roofing installation to be installed by properly accredited professionals then ALIVE Solar & Roofing can do the work for you at competitive rates. ALIVE Solar & Roofing can also do any needed repairs to your roof before the solar panels are installed, and can install a Tesla Power Wall if you want to cut back your reliance on power from the grid. Contact us to get a free quote for the work needed.

With pollution becoming an increasing problem both for the environment and for public health solar power is an attractive clean alternative. The sun will be shining for billions of years after fossil fuel supplies run out and it does so for free. All that energy hitting your roof is currently going to waste, so why not turn it into electricity instead? So arrange an appointment for your solar installation today.

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