San Diego has beautiful sunny weather among all the cities in California. Solar panels work best in sunny weather. Cloudy or rainy weather can’t generate enough power. Hence, great sunny weather in San Diego is favorable weather for solar panels.

This US city has sunny weather for more than 60% of days in a year. This means solar panels San Diego can supply a good amount of power all over the year.

Why Should You Install Solar Panels In San Diego Homes and Offices?

Tax Credit

You will get a huge tax credit (26%) under federal solar credit. Installing solar panels is currently supported by the government, so installing solar panels in San Diego is a wise decision (The tax credit may change in the near future).

Saves Money

The energy bills will increase at a standard rate. So, you have to pay more bills every year. But, if you choose solar energy, you can reduce your energy bills. The energy coming from the Sun is completely free. Therefore, you wouldn’t have to pay a high amount of energy bills.

No More Power Cuts

You may have experienced power cuts. Natural calamities can often damage power grids. In that case, you may not have electricity for days. Solar energy combined with a home battery system can make you independent. Your roof will have solar panels and the panels will generate energy that can charge your home battery system. Hence, your house or office will always have power through your solar and home battery system.

Green Energy

The US government has initiated many projects to reduce carbon emissions. You can help the government by choosing solar power. Because electricity from power grids can cause lots of carbon emission. But, solar energy doesn’t harm the environment. It’s green energy.

High ROI

Install the solar panels and you don’t have to maintain them. Solar panels can give you a good ‘Return On Investment’. As a result, your entire investment in solar panels will return within a few years.

Why Should You Choose ALIVE Solar & Roofing?


ALIVE Solar & Roofing is a licensed company. We have the necessary licensing to do the job right. Hence, we will legally install solar panels, following the established building codes for your neighborhood. A company without a license will never provide you flawless services. Hence, you should choose ALIVE Solar & Roofing company.


Our company began its journey in 2010. So, we’re pretty good at installing solar panels in San Diego. We have a trained and experienced team. So, we are ready to install solar panels in your home or commercial places.

Very Reasonable Pricing

Some solar installation companies in San Diego asks for hefty amounts. But, ALIVE Solar & Roofing offers reasonable rates. Our prices will never burn a hole in your pocketbook.

Advanced Energy Storage Option

It’s really important to store solar power. Because you may experience cloudy or rainy weather. That’s why we have Tesla Power Walls available for installation. This technology is an advanced and safe option to store solar power.

Superior Quality Solar Panels

The solar panels on your roof may face hail storms or heavy rainfall. ALIVE Solar & Roofing supplies great quality solar panels in San Diego. These solar panels can withstand the outside weather and these panels are truly tough. Hence, you can install these solar panels without any hesitation.


One of the best features is our ‘dual-warranty on solar panels. We offer long-term warranty on our panels. You can enjoy this extended warranty without any additional cost.

So, contact us today and we will have one of our representatives provide you a reasonable quote for your solar power needs.

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