It goes without saying that solar energy is one of the best, most eco-friendly solutions concerning power production, especially when considering the climate crisis that our planet is currently experiencing. This de-centralized means of power production utilizes the free and completely clean energy provided by the sun, ensuring that we have a minimal carbon footprint, but still many people avoid it because they believe it to be expensive. Despite the initial installation can be costly, it can be considered as one of the best investments currently, especially in states like California, that enjoy many sunny days every year.

One of the best financial benefits of this investment is the very short payback period, which averages around 7 to 8 years in most cases. Every year after that period, you simply save money from your energy bills, and if you consider that solar panels can last up to 40 years with proper maintenance, you can earn multiple times your initial investment over the years. Of course, the maintenance of the panels has some cost over the years, especially if repairs are included, but it is guaranteed that the money that you earn in terms of energy savings greatly outweigh any costs.

Even if you still believe that the initial investment is too high for your budget, there are luckily statewide incentives in California that promote the installation of solar panels, batteries and all the essential systems that are needed to start producing your electricity. These incentives can be up to 30% of the total cost, which is very generous and can ensure that most households can afford the initial costs of such an installation. You just need to hurry and apply for these programs, as they have a deadline which is still years ahead, but it is always better to start an investment sooner than later.

Finally, you need to consider that it is always possible to move from your home, due to a new job or simply due to personal decisions. Some people who have that prospect in mind might decide not to spend money on investments that they might not use, but still, solar panels remain a profitable and good choice. According to the real estate market, houses with already installed solar panels can fetch a better price and are easier to sell, thus becoming a fail-proof decision, without any notable financial problems.

The choices concerning this extremely important life-long investment should be done in cooperation with experienced professionals of the market, like ALIVE Solar San Diego. This privately owned and operated company features a small, but very experienced team of designers and technicians that can help you in all of the steps required to install the perfect solar panel system in your house and enjoy all of the above mentioned benefits. As a company, we take pride in using only the highest-end U.S. made equipment available in the market, ensuring both the greatest possible longevity of your investment and the greatest possible efficiency to guarantee a quick payback from your investment. The focus of the company is not over-expansion nor attracting customers via traditional promotional means, but rather using our high-quality standards and customer satisfaction to forge long-lasting relationships and enjoy the best possible marketing: Happy customers, as documented by all the reviews about our activities.

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