While you may be tempted to install your solar panels, you will likely come to regret that decision. There are too many variables involved that influence how solar panels work. There are too many pieces that work together as a unit to collect sunlight and convert it to energy. If the installation isn’t done correctly, you won’t create the amount of energy you should.

Poor Quality

Many of the DIY solar panel kits aren’t the same high quality as you get with a professional installation. They don’t have any warranty on the product or the installation. If you have problems you are paying out of pocket to repair or replace them. Such products tend to not last as long as they should either. There is also the risk of falling and getting hurt while up there on the roof. It can be a challenge to get all of that equipment and your tools up there!

Complex Process

Even if you have basic skills and tools, installing solar panels is complex. It will take a great deal of time to do it on your own. If it doesn’t work correctly when you are done, troubleshooting to discover the underlying issues can be time-consuming and challenging. For someone with few skills, it can be almost impossible to install solar panels correctly. You may have to spend money on some specific tools before you can attempt anything. If solar panels are installed wrong, it could increase the risk of a fire. A fire on the roof can go unnoticed until it has caused significant damage. It can destroy the home, the wiring, and put everyone inside at risk. It isn’t uncommon for someone to damage their roof when they try to install them on their own either.

Incentives and Credits

You may live in a region where there are incentives and credits offered for solar panel installation. However, the requirements of such benefits often mandate the panels are installed by a licensed professional. If you do the work on your own, you won’t be eligible for those incentives or credits.

Hire an Expert

Don’t take chances with DIY solar panels. Hire an expert to help you get amazing results! You can count on ALIVE Solar & Roofing to help you get it all taken care of. There is no cost for an assessment and a written estimate. They use quality materials proven to work and collect the most sunlight.

This company has an excellent reputation with previous customers. Reading reviews from them can put your mind at ease and encourage you to give the provider a call. There is no pressure to schedule the process, but once you see what they offer and the reasonable prices, there is a good chance you will hire them to complete the work.

ALIVE Solar & Roofing will assess your solar panel needs. The size and design of your roof will influence how many you need to create enough energy for your usage. They can create the best strategy for where to place the panels. They have the best equipment and methods to ensure it is all done quickly and correctly. They also pay attention to safety factors to reduce the risk of anyone getting hurt in the process.

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