Imagine a roof that generates its own electricity, replacing your need to buy it from the utility company. A roof that is a work of art, and can actually increase the value of your home. A roof that pays for itself over time, and is guaranteed for life. This is what a solar roof can do — and it may be one of the most important innovations in the history of residential power.

Solar Roofs Are Good For The Environment

Sustainability and environmental consciousness are becoming increasingly important to Americans. Many people are looking for ways to help the environment and reduce their carbon footprint, but are unsure how to do so in a way that won’t negatively impact their lives. One solution to this dilemma is the solar roof. The benefits of installing a solar roof include reduced electricity costs and increased home value, but it has greater implications for the environment as well. Solar roofs can help the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing water usage, and reducing pollution.

Greenhouse gas emissions are one of the leading causes of climate change, contributing to ocean acidification and increasing temperatures around the world. In addition, they can cause respiratory problems in humans and animals when they are released into the air. A recent study found that if every household in California installed a solar roof, it would remove 4 million metric tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere annually. This would be equivalent to removing 800,000 cars off California roads each year! 

Solar Roofs Can Save You Money

Solar roofs are at least as durable as traditional roofs and can last up to three times as long. They are also easier to clean since rainwater will typically wash away dirt and debris, while snow will slide off during the winter months. Solar roofs do not need to be painted, sealed, or treated with fungicides.

Solar roofing tiles can be installed directly over existing shingles or plywood sheathing on a roof, eliminating the need to tear off old shingles. The tiles are generally light enough that no extra structural support is required. Solar panels can also be mounted on free-standing poles in your yard if you do not want them on the roof of your home.

Increase your home’s value with a solar roof

Homes with solar panels are more attractive to buyers. Appraisers value a solar system based on the expected savings that it will deliver. This means that a solar system will add more value to your home than it costs.

A recent study found that homes with solar panels sold 20% faster and for 17% more money than comparable homes without solar power.

The average U.S. home buyer is willing to pay $15,000 more for a home with an average-sized solar system — about a $3 per watt premium.

What is Your Electricity Bill?

Estimate Your Monthly Savings With Solar

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