Tesla’s new solar roof might just be the key to finally making residential solar panels mainstream. If you’re already familiar with Tesla, you know that they are beloved by their customers.

But Tesla isn’t only about cars — Elon Musk has something else up his sleeve. This is a company that has already revolutionized electric vehicles and now wants to do the same with houses.

Here are 3 reasons why this could really work and make homes more energy efficient and self-sufficient than ever before.

They look like regular roof tiles

Solar roof tiles have been used for decades, as a way to help power homes and reduce carbon emissions. The idea is simple: instead of putting solar panels on top of an existing roof, you integrate the photovoltaic cells into the roof itself.

The advantage is obvious: solar tiles are much more attractive than clunky solar panels. If your home is visible from the street, they’ll be a lot less conspicuous, too. And if you’re planning to replace your roof anyway, solar tiles are an easy way to upgrade.

The roof tiles, available in four styles, offer a sleek way to generate renewable energy without having to install bulky solar panels on your roof. There are three types of tiles: smooth glass, textured glass and Tuscan glass.

The solar tile is actually a photovoltaic cell that generates electricity silently and without moving parts. The shingles are much more durable than typical asphalt shingles. Tesla says its solar roof will last longer than a regular roof and come with an “infinity” warranty.

Tesla’s solar roof warranty lasts for the life of the roof

Tesla solar roof warranty lasts for the life of the roof — that’s a long-term commitment not typically seen in the solar industry. But it’s a testament to how confident Tesla is in its solar roof tiles.

Tesla’s solar roof warranty is for “infinity” or the “lifetime” of your house. There’s no limit on the number of years, but there are caveats. Tesla said in a statement:

The Solar Roof has an expected lifetime greater than 30 years, based on typical roofing lifespans and our testing. However, as with any new technology, they will continue to improve upon and refine their products over time.

Each tile has a maximum pressure tolerance of 4,000 pounds per square inch.

Tesla’s Solar Roof tiles are designed to withstand the elements. The company says each tile has a maximum pressure tolerance of 4,000 pounds per square inch, or more than three times the pressure generated by a typical hailstone (about 1,200 pounds per square inch). The tiles also have an impact resistance equal to Class 4 (the highest rating) on the industry standard impact test.

Wind resistance is also important. Tesla’s tiles have been tested to withstand hurricane-force winds of up to 135 miles per hour.

Tesla is a company known for its innovations, and they are proving yet again that they are in no way slowing down. While the Tesla solar roof may not be suitable for every home, if you have the right house and you’re interested in going green, then the Tesla solar roof should definitely be on your radar screen. It’s a fun and innovative design that could change the landscape of American housing—and it all starts at your address.

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