A Guide To Understanding Solar Power In San Diego

Solar power is energy generated from the sun in the form of electric or thermal energy. It is captured in many different ways, with the most common being solar panels that convert this energy into usable electricity.

Solar energy is inexpensive, clean, and a renewable power source that can be acquired nearly anywhere in the world. Anywhere sunlight hits the surface of the earth is a potential location to generate solar power. Because solar energy comes from the sun, it is practically a limitless source of power.

Solar For Home or Business

If you are interested in solar for your home or business, solar panels can be installed on your property. They are typically installed on rooftops or in open land on the property that has plenty of sunshine.

There are many variables to consider when determining the cost of solar for your property. In San Diego, we have put together a guide for you to help you determine the real cost of solar in San Diego. Click here to read that article.

Growth of Solar

The rapid growth of solar power nationwide and globally has also lead to growth in other energy endeavours as well. Most notably, energy storage systems and electric vehicles are gaining traction due to the benefits of solar.

Since 2018, there are more than 64 gigawatts of solar installed in the United States, enough to power more than 12.3 million homes. Over the last decade, the solar market has grown at an average rate of 50% each year. There are around 2 million individual solar installations, ranging from home rooftop systems to large utility systems that add electricity to the power grid.

Let Us Help You

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What is Your Electricity Bill?

Estimate Your Monthly Savings With Solar

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